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What everybody needs to know about Cameroon cuisine

The Chronicles of Cameroon Cuisine and culture, the long-awaited “Ceci’s African Kitchen cookbook is out. Yayyyyyy. Many recipes found in this culinary collection come from the English-speaking parts of Cameroon. Some dishes might be familiar; some might not. One way...

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Pescado Seco Canarias with a Cameroonian Flair

The bond of food, culture and travel are so intertwined, no mater where we are we want to enjoy the food, culture and experiment. My special contributor from Spain Lilac Becca is sharing a special creation of pescado seco Canarias with us today, with a Cameroonian...

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Sea Food Corn Chaff on a Snowy Santa Fe Day

It is one of those Santa Fe unexpected snowy days. I’m sitting home, expecting a friend for lunch, not sure what to make. I look in my pantry, I have some hominy and beans, and I thought, corn chaff, but I thought the traditional corn chaff is too heavy. I looked into...

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Tastes like Home

Tastes like Home: A Goan on the lookout for the Portuguese footprints in Macau The sea is never far in Macau. I’m following the waves, brisk-walking to keep pace with the people around me. These waves, however, are black and white mosaic swirls on the pavement. Every...

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Cocktail Is Made with 26 Ingredients

This Cocktail Is Made with 26 Ingredients and Tastes Like Ricola Cough Drops (In a Good Way)   A cocktail made with 26 ingredients somehow tastes completely unlike a Long Island Iced Tea. This isn't your classic four-ingredient Old Fashioned, or even a daring...

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Food and travel

Best Non-Perishable Foods for Travel When planning a trip, think of tasty, nutritional, non-perishable foods you can enjoy.  A few suggestions might be: Fresh Fruit – firm fruit is best like a whole apple so it will not get smashed. Nuts or homemade trail mix Bars...

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Chinese Food Culture in America

Developed by Americans of Chinese descent, Chinese food was the first ethnic cuisine to be highly commodified at the national level as a type of food primarily to be prepared and consumed away from home.  San Francisco had the largest Asian population and thus the...

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The Best Food Cities (Travel and Leisure)

For many years, San Francisco and New York City have been known as the epicurean capitals offering a variety of ethnic cuisines.  But in 2018, Travel and Leisure reports that other cities all across the U.S. are proving they can compete with these two international...

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Santa Fe’s Art Culture

Dean Howell "TIME MARKER: Woman, Woman...embodied" AGORA CENTER IN ELDORADO ...of Santa Fe OPEN DAILY: 10:00AM-5:OOPM CLOSED: SUN. & MON. "not exaggerating...a big feeling ! " COME SEE IT !   Andrea Cemanski   Shontez Morris Taz presents: Art Showcase &...

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World food trucks

Taste Around the World Food Truck Gone are the days when the “best food” was only found in brick and mortar restaurants.  Today, highly trained chefs can be found at the helms of food truck kitchens around the globe. Mother Clucker in London offers NOLA-style fried...

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Ceci's African KitchenFood is the best and most natural way to connect with others some of my best friendships were formed around food. The sharing of food, whether cooking or eating puts people in a relaxed, happy and conversational mood, thus the sharing goes beyond food. In this blog I will share some of my favorite recipes and some cultural background to these recipes. I will also share recipes from friends in my community, far and near so we can experience different foods from around the world.

ceci's african kitchen

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