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Chef John Bagnall

Okay gotta be honest with you here Scott –

I love my job, I really do but sometimes it gets a little tough you know? And to be perfectly honest all you want is a break. Well- seeing that well done steak come through on the cheque is a bit of a god send- let me explain why. Picture this- you’re 11 orders behind, you still have the steak to season before it can be put on the clam grill, the chips need to be taken out the fryer- you just start to poach some eggs for the eggs Benedict when suddenly you realise there’s a cheque for a turkey beast which takes an extr 1 minuets so you should have that in already! It all gets a little hectic as you can imagine.It’s all about timings – So, when you get a well done steak come on, guess what, there’s no timing! Although there should be a timing, there’s simply not. Rare steak takes about 3 minutes, Medium about 4.5 minutes. Well done – just whazz that thing on and come and collect it when you need it!

Okay – only once have I ever left it on too long but let’s be honest here – if you’re going to order a steak well done then I’m guessing you’re not much of a food expert yourself so I won’t come to much trouble as to serve you something slightly overdone.

So no- I wouldn’t look down on you, even if you are willing to waste such a good slab of meat to something as dry as ghandis flipflop.

Source: quora.com