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Taste Around the World Food Truck

Gone are the days when the “best food” was only found in brick and mortar restaurants.  Today, highly trained chefs can be found at the helms of food truck kitchens around the globe.

  • Mother Clucker in London offers NOLA-style fried chicken
  • Berlin’s Die Dollen Knollen specializes in Kartoffelpuffer which are fried potato pancakes
  • Tacofino’s iconic orange truck in Vancouver is popular with the surf crowd
  • The Lobos Truck in Los Angeles – comfort food at its finest
  • Humble Pie serves sweet and savory Southern treats out of Berlin
  • The food from San Francisco’s “Hail The Chairman” is inspired by Street Food of Asia
  • Dapper Dane in Canada
  • Van Leeuwen (trucks in NYC and L.A. – has made quitter a name for itself)
  • Old Traditional Polish Cuisine Food Truck – NYC only Polish truck
  • Summer Streets – freshest seafood baskets in Bangkok
  • A. based food truck company – “The Prince of Venice” founded by a real prince
  • Le Camio Qui Fume in Paris means “The Smoking Truck” in French
  • Senor Sisig in San Francisco – “Sisig – a popular Filipino dish
  • Bannock – Vancouver’s (first indigenous food truck)
  • Black Spoon – the first African food truck in Paris
  • Emerson Fry Bread in Phoenix, Arizona – Native American flatbread
  • Guerrilla Tacos in L.A.
  • Berlin’s Woop Woop ice cream made using -196 degrees Celsius – made with cold liquid nitrogen
  • Southern Comfort Kitchen in S.F. (NOLA classics)
  • Rebel Melt – hillbilly inspired grill sandwiches